Art of Danièle Fraboulet


My name is Danièle Fraboulet. I am a french artist, living now in Lausanne, Switzerland. I also spent many years in Germany and in the US.

Several years after I started working as a teacher in biology and chemistry in Germany, I got the possibility to spend a few years in the United States with my Family.  In San Francisco, I followed a four years training at the  University College Academy of Art and  became an illustrator.  After that, I worked on the computer in the field of scientific illustration using mostly Photoshop and Illustrator.

Drawing and painting have always been a passion for me, so, while I was working on the science illustrations,  I continued to draw and paint in the classical way during my free time. 

Now, I have become a full time painter. I  particularly enjoy painting landscapes, flowers and animals. I also like doing some very precise scientific illustrations (bugs, shells etc.). 

My favorite mediums are watercolor and acrylics.  

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